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  • School

    A sweet friend to keep you company during the day, at school and during time off. A cloud of happy hearts to carry with. A unique and romentic style online.

  • Collectables

    The animals of the classic world, made in increasingly smaller sizes, become funny keyrings, precious trinkets, sweet miniatures: little masterpieces that enclose Trudi's essence and art.

  • New Born

    Designed to develop their sensory and psychomotor abilities, to accomapany them in their growth. All elements are made with safe materials that contain no toxic substances.

  • Education

    With sevi learning is easier and funnier! Many games for discovering the world of numbers and of letters and much more... Ideal to develop logical and learning skills in a funny and colorful way!

  • Kids

    A universe of original and fun accessories finished with care and dedicated to today's children: because nature, as all real things, is always fashionable.

  • Animals

    A Trudi Animal is one of the finest items, Like all Trudi items, all raw materials are of premium quality, the fur used is extremely soft, non toxic and fireproof.

  • Doll

    Story of angels who play mothers and mothers who become children again in an old and modern game, which is the timeless love of each baby for its doll.

  • Action Toys

    Action Toys to have fun at home or outdoors chalenging your friends in thrilling ability competitions!

  • Musical

    sevi's music Brand is made up of many colourful animals: join them among flutes, whistles, Guitars, xylophones and many other instruments.

  • Play set

    playing means socializing and children begin to show interest in playing with friends of the same age. playing goes beyond simple fun.

  • Decoration

    Several funny friends full of attentions, to grow, live and dream in an ever prettier, cozier and safer environment, fit for a child: day and night, from his/her little room... to the whole house!

  • Events

    A world of small characters to express big emotions. small and gentle sweet collection to express romantic messages, Trudini to celebrate the most traditional festivities in an original way.